We Say Goodbye to A Kind Place's Storefront, and Hello to Their Mobile Unit

If you’ve been to Dixieland Mall lately, you’ll notice that A Kind Place has made some pretty cool upgrades. Instead of a store front, they’ve moved into a semi-permanent popup trailer they can bring to markets all over Lakeland, and much farther. It’s a great business with a great message, and the family of entrepreneurs growing it are outstanding community members.

LkldTV Media Company and Event Space Has A Great Few Months

In their own words, “LkldTV amplifies the diverse voices of the Lakeland community by sharing compelling hyperlocal stories that inform, entertain, inspire and transport.” We’ve seen everything from heartwarming highlights of local businesses to classical concerts held in the space during lunch.

The Lakeland City and Public Discuss Redeveloping South Florida Ave Around Dixieland

It’s an interesting idea, to be sure: Turn South Florida into 3 lanes (each way and turn) around the Dixieland Mall area. This project is meant to increase safety of pedestrians, encourage business development, and help the city move forward. The public is very supportive of the idea, but there are many factors to consider.

The LEDC Reveals Incredibly Detailed Dashboards to Track Community Business Development

There are many public and private organizations in Lakeland dedicated to bringing in new business. The LEDC has made it abundantly clear that what they are doing is having a real effect on the local economy. From closed deals to new jobs, everything is trackable.

Lake Wire Area Set to Explode with New Community Park and Swan Brewing

The Lake Wire neighborhood is not currently known as a popular business and residential destination, even though the lake itself is beautiful. The city announced a huge park set to completely revitalize that area, and Swan Brewing may open this year right on the lake. Baron Realty has an office space available directly across the street from these great projects.


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