An Inside Look at The Company Behind The Rapidly Growing Lakeland Shirt Club

There seems to be one never-changing law of the universe you can always count on: everyone loves a t-shirt. And even better, everyone loves a t-shirt that shows off something they are proud to represent. That’s why the Lakeland Shirt Club is taking off — everyone in this town can’t wait to show off Lakeland. We met with our tenant, iNK Screen Printing, to get an inside look at this growing movement.

Vietnam Veteran’s Missing Medals Turn Up at Talbot House

This is a great heartwarming story. These Veteran’s medals were discovered in a donation box that eventually reached the Talbot House. Due to the help of some wonderful volunteers, those medals are back in the hands of the owner for the first time in 48 years. Merry Christmas.

Downtown's New Brazilian Restaurant, Posto 9, Opens as a Rousing Success

As our downtown scene continues to evolve, the Brazilian gastropub Posto 9 should make a great addition. After a wonderful opening night, the restaurant’s wide windows and glass doors provide a well lit atmosphere for anyone who might be walking by.

The "Lakelander Made" Farmer's Market Party Showcases All Our Local Talent

It just takes one trip to the Lakeland Downtown Farmer’s Market to discover many of the unique local artisans we have here. From welded yard-art made out of steel to delicious cakes for any occasion, everyone finds something they like. The Lakelander magazine highlights many of these talented creators each year with a special issue and a block party.

This Catapult 2.0 Teaser is Sure to Spark Your Creativity

The old Cash Feed building on Lake Mirror has been empty for quite some time… But not much longer. You’ve probably heard about Catapult 2.0, the 3-level coworking space set to completely transform that area. Take a look at this quick teaser spot and start wondering how much is really going to change.


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