In Lakeland, where art is quickly becoming an integral part of the culture, one local music tutoring studio is gearing up to make an impact. Lemon Street Music has a surprising backstory, and plans for the future you need to hear.

The studio is run by the talented Shane and Chalis Butler. Both share an intense passion for teaching music. So much so, that before the couple joined forces, they both owned competing studios in the Lakeland area!

Shane speaks about his early teaching days with humility and gratitude, from working with mentor flamenco guitarist Nathan Herrera to renting out the nursery room at Highland Park church where he first began teaching on his own nearly 10 years ago.

Guitar Camp

Thankfully, this husband and wife music duo was not destined to be rivals forever. After attending the same church for several years, Shane and Chalis began a friendship that, over time, blossomed into love. To truly put their resiliency to the test, the duo decided to get married, open a new music studio, and have a baby, all in the same year. That’s no small feat, and they passed with flying colors.

Shane and Chalis chose to work with Baron Realty during this growth phase. They shared how helpful the company is towards entrepreneurs, from finding the right space to continually checking in with tenant needs.

Lemon Street Music is now serving over 120 students every week, from piano to ukulele. The studio has an impressive track record, with a 100% success rate for students auditioning and being accepted into the Lois Cowles Harrison Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. Summer jam camps and open mic nights only add to the magic.

Open Mic 1

There’s more in store for Lemon Street Music. Besides bringing on new teachers and looking to double enrollment, the couple would love to expand the space into a full-fledged music venue. There’s no shortage of talent, and Lakeland loves new places to gather with friends and family. Be sure to visit Lemon Street Music to share your support, meet the team, or enroll a student!

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