Credit to Catapult Lakeland for this photo from their Micro-grant Launch and Pitch Night Program.

It’s no surprise to those who live here: Lakeland and the surrounding area has a big heart. With an already higher than average growth rate in areas like corporate investment and population growth, we can add charitable giving to the list of reasons why Lakeland is quickly becoming one of the best places to be in the country.

Lakeland-Winter Haven came behind only Sebring and Sebastian-Vero Beach on the list, and we gave 46% more than the national average. That’s a huge win, and we only hope to continue climbing that list. It’s not just charity for charity’s sake; every dollar given back to the community results in better health, business, culture, and collaboration for us all.


Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy


Charitable giving has become an important subject lately. With potential federal budget cuts and fewer Americans making donations overall, non-profits are increasingly reliant on donations from wealthy individuals and successful local companies. The YMCA recently reported that people are suffering from “engagement fatigue” by constantly being bombarded with requests for help and financial assistance.

It looks like that fatigue has yet to set in here. With multiple organizations all working together to make this city great, new development projects and growing non-profits are feeling the benefits. A precedent set by past local heroes such as George Jenkins, the spirit of compassionate and honorable giving is continued by the current leaders in this community.

More details on this story in the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

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