If you’ve seen the success of Lakeland Rocks, LKLD Creative Makers, the Clear People installations, and our local swan sculptures, you know this town is filled with art enthusiasts. Public art has the unique power to brighten up an area. Every time you drive up Massachusetts Avenue, you can’t help but smile at the Mass Market Color Wall. The City of Lakeland knows how valuable art can be, so a pilot project is about to be launched on the intersection of E. Main Street and Ingraham Avenue.

This installation is a huge collaborative effort; Visual Arts students from Harrison School for the Arts and Rochelle School of the Arts are excited to partner with the City of Lakeland. Inspired by the East Main Design District project, Elizabeth Hults, Art/ifact’s Executive Director, was enlisted to create the masterpiece at the center of the area.

The intersection will be closed starting at 6AM on Sunday, May 21st. Students and assistants will be painting all day long, and a GoPro will film the entire project for a great timeline video to showcase later. What do you think of this project? What other areas of the city should the Lakeland CRA focus on revitalizing? Everyone here at Baron Realty can’t wait for these installations, and offer sincere congratulations to everyone involved.

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